Samantha Berger

Samantha Berger

Berger, SamanthaSamantha Berger has written picture books like Crankenstein! illustrated by Dan Santat (Little, Brown, 2013), A Crankenstein Valentine (Little, Brown December, 2014), Boo-La-La Witch Spa illustrated by Isabel Roxas (Dial, August 2015), and Snoozefest illustrated by Kristyna Litten (Dial, January 2015). She also has written picture books like Santa’s Reindeer Games illustrated by John Manders (Cartwheel, 2011), Martha doesn’t share!, and Martha Doesn’t Say Sorry! illustrated by Bruce Whatley (Little, Brown 2010, 2009), which won a Parent’s Choice Award Honor.

She has written cartoons and promos for Nickelodeon and other networks. She has written comic books and commercials. She has written movie trailers, theme songs, slogans, magazine articles, poems, TV-books, sticker books, and professional books. You name it, Sam writes it.

And when she isn’t writing, she’s doing voice-overs, traveling the world, and helping rescue dogs. Then, she writes about that, too!

Samantha splits her time between New York City and sunny California. These days, she’s in New York City, living in a deluxe apartment in the sky with her dingo-chihuahua dog, Polly Pocket.


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