Scott M. Cohn

Scott M. Cohn

Cohn, ScottScott M. Cohn is a life-long doodler, his idols being Jim Davis, Gary Larson, Don Martin, and Sergio Aragones (and the rest of the geniuses at MAD Magazine). His first published artwork, a sketch of Dwight Gooden, appeared in Kidsday, a weekly insert in Long Island Newsday, where his father was a writer/editor.

He published comics in the Lynbrook High School newspaper, The Horizon, and then had a thrice-weekly single panel on the Daily Orange comics page at Syracuse University called Freakz.

After college he lived in Hong Kong for two years and created a baby clothes company, Bon Bébé, with his partner Elan Rofé. When he moved back to New York City in 2001, he spent a few years learning commercial production, editing, and motion graphics under the tutelage of long-time friend Evan Schechtman, then founder of Outpost Digital and now CTO of In 2004, he started the Night Agency, a digitally-focused creative agency with partners Darren Paul and Evan Vogel. They continue to make award-winning creative campaigns today.

Scott lives on Long Island with his wife and two daughters. His debut children’s book Daddy Sat On A Duck came out on May 5 and the second in his “Daddy” series, Daddy Said A Word I Never Heard, is due to hit shelves in November.



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